Human Behavior Challenge: HBC2018

Human Behavior Challenge: HBC2018

Predicting starts and destinations of trajectories obtained from BLE beacon signals

Today everyone uses the internet everywhere with smartphones emitting signals for Wifi, Bluetooth, and so on. The history of communication between Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) becons and smartphones would be beneficial to provide customized application services in order to ehnance user experience in real daily life. For example, the location of a smartphone can be estimated by Received Signal Strength Indicators (RSSIs) of BLE beacons, which could lead to developping a variety of personalized and localized services.

What’s next ? The challenge is to predict “where you will be in future” and “where you were in the past”, instead of “where you are now”, by using the history of locations (or trajectory) of the smartphone.

The task of this competition therfore is to specify start and goal locations, to which the person have departed and is reaching.

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